DJ set Isabassi

Already available Subkultur Podcast 12 by Isabassi, exclusive live recording set at Tresor Club


This is Isabassi’s live recording debut at Tresor’s New Faces hosted by Dinamite. The Brazilian DJ based in Berlin brought her current strongest influences to the dancefloor, such as ANFS, Strahinja Arbutina, Grebenstein and December.

For 2018, Isabassi has few releases on the go in labels such as Subkultur, YGAM and Fox & Hound Recordings, while also promoting the Hölle party, in which electronic live performances and hand-poking tattooing join forces.


01. The Haxan Cloak – Excavation (Part 2)
02. SJ – Discreet Evening II
03. December – Collapse
04. Cornil – Amethyst
05. Grebenstein – Meet My Hands
06. ANFS – Skafto
07. Oslak – The Superiority of Humans
08. TML – Death of Brave
09. Headless Horseman – Under the Earth
10. S S S S – Fragility
11. RE_P – Avant-Garde Poetry (Melania Remix)
12. War Scenes – Soothe
13. Giant Swan – Celebrate the Last 30 Years of Human Ego
14. December – Exponential Growth
15. Blawan – 993
16. Headless Horseman – Hessian
17. Ciarra Black – Profiler
18. Blush Response – Tryptamine
19. d_b – L’homme Qui Marche Sur Les Nuages de Soie
20. NO/ON – Metalavia (Opioid Slot Manchine Remix)
21. Liza Alkin – Le Visage
22. Syrette – Kylan
23. Random-Noize – Random 6.1 (1999 Version)
24. Ken Karter – DX_ENV_X.1.01
25. I Murdered – Confessions
26. Nervejammer – Modern Weapon C
27. Nico Moreno – Violent Conflict
28. PTU – A Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day
29. ANFS – Kids
30. Blurred Boy – Qual
31. Blush Response – You Will Cry Out in Grief
32. TML – Station
33. Strahinja Arbutina – Golden Interference
34. NRTHRNNS – Losted Souls In the Warehouse
35. Uun – The Curve of Avarice
36. Nathaniel – Lolita
37. Computer Numerical Control – Rotten
38. NX1 – MRD1
39. Rumenige – Eka
40. Ducerey Ada Nexino – Hemistich
41. VSK – Resistance
42. Tim Tama, Incident Prism – Leaps
43. Keikari – Vaara
44. Takaaki Itoh – Obliger
45. El Bsoco – The Clocks
46. ANFS – Kouba
47.Syrette – Rimeiku (Animal Holocaust Remix)

Isabassi News Parties

Isabassi (Subkultur) at Tresor New Faces | 21 Feb 2018

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Steven Petit is BORDER ONE, a young artist from Belgium. Carefully sculpturing his way out of the shadows, BORDER ONE crafts a unique story through his music. 2016 will see this young Ghent based producer step into the light. And with heavy support on his first release on Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil by DJ’s like Kr!z and Ben Klock the light seems to shine bright as ever. Just as much as with his productions BORDER ONE’s DJ-sets stand out. Immune to trends and hypes he embraces the true skills of an old school DJ due to proper track selection and mostly relying on vinyl. Isabelle Bassi aka ISABASSI is a Brazilian electronic music composer and DJ based in Berlin. Highly influenced by the industrial and rough sounds surrounding her life in Sao Paolo and the German capital, performing in clubs became her initial way of expressing these sounds, before she focused on creative and production skills. Always exploring different ways to move body and soul, ISABASSI’s sound is a weaving of strong cadences and dark intricate textures. Tonight’s new faces will be presented/hosted by DINAMITE who will most assuredly provide a dynamite techno set as well.


Border One (Form and Function/ Ghent)
Isabassi (Subkultur, Hölle/ Sao Paulo)
hosted by Dinamite (Affin, Detund/ Berlin)

Aurora Bar:
Goldenaxe (Orphan/ Berlin)




Isabassi Parties TR

Subkultur Crew (Isabassi, Tringa & Bin Cir) at TR_The Twelfth Party @ Modular+ Space Berlin (16.02.2018)

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TR_The Twelfth

First one of the year + Tringa’s birthday.


► A/ ◄

▻ Isabassi (Subkultur)

▻ Rawkorder (Nocturnal frequencies)

▻ ADSX (Injection records)

▻ Samin Son (Chinabot / 93n3r4tør)

▻ PLNT (Vusumzi/LaRohn)

▻ Tringa (TR)

▻ rsms (TR)


► /V ◄

▻ Bin Cir


modular+ space
Greenhouse, 8th floor

Gottlieb-Dunkel-Straße 43/44


Irrational Self Push Demon Limbic Grimorio