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‘Hölle III Doomed Fate’ w. Mordio (live) & Isabassi at Loophole Berlin

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Hölle is back with its third edition, Doomed Fate.

Now that spring is timidly covering the last traces of winter with color and the sun is healing our frozen souls, it’s time to wake up our hearts with some good old fire, dark and heavy, brought to you directly from the gates of Hell.

‡ Hand poke artists


‡ Music and Live Performances

Nix Éter


Samin Son




‡ Entry: 5€ – Loophole Berlin. 18 April 2018. 19:00h – 03:00h

EP Mordio Music News

‘Planisphere’ EP by Mordio already available in Metaphor Records


We’re glad to see the the next release of Mordio ‘Planisphere’ in our label partner Metaphor Records.


Supported by: Forest People, Pacou, Temudo, Aurelio Cianciotta, Jay Clarke, Francois X, Emika Elena, Code 701, Orde Meikle, Motzler, Neglëk, Joseph Capriati, Sstrom, Rob Hall, Ivan Madox, Drop-E, Raszia, Patrick DSP, Hector Sandoval, Antonio Vázquez, Levan, Mauricio Atencia, Etapp Kyle, Moog Conspiracy, Nöle, Positive Centre, Couch Lock, Fon, Cyklos, Samot, Gotshell, Bodyscrub, Marco Carola, Surit, Antonio de Angelis, Tony Verdi, Ximo Noguera, Groff.

Some Feedbacks:

CTRLS “Amazing textures and atmosphere work on this release. Thanks!”

Hydrangea ” Thanks for the promo! Very interesting EP, I really like the general mood and especially Dabih!”

Domen “Good sounds and great tunes, thanks!!”

Alderaan “Really interesting sound design”

Dj Pete  “very good bass heavy broken techno”

Rommek “Interesting ideas. Thanks for sending.”

Raíz “Fresh broken beats”

Relapso “fresh new music, is what we need in techno!”


MTRL Music Remixes

M4T – Territory (Mordio Remix) [CR16] out!


“Unstable Territories” EP by M4T and featuring a Mordio remix . Released by Cremaster Records [CR16] 2017.

“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” – Patrick Overton

NAME: Unstable Territories
RELEASE DATE: 03.08.2017
STYLE: Electronic / Experimental / Dub
LABEL: Cremaster Records
MASTERING: Südblock Studios
PUBLISHING: Music Mail Tonträger GmbH
ARTWORK: Cremaster Records, Agency & Studios
BARCODE: 4058765168592


TR – The Tenth \w Polymotion, Jay Quentin & Mordio at Modular+ Berlin

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An other night arise with what we love the most!
Tastefull Techno above the Modular+ skyline

Sound curated by
– Jay Quentin [ Headroom – Abyss ]

– PLNT live [ vuzumzi records ]

– Kvrt [ Poly|motion – ://about blank ]

– Kwaint [ Poly|motion – DURCH ]

– Mordio | [ Subkultur ]

– TR – TR – TR B2B

Visuals & installation by
Bin Cir
& Jeanne

Irrational Self Push Demon Limbic Grimorio