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Official Music Video Vortm

Our brand new Music Video ‘Push Demon’ by Vortm is already online for streaming


Our brand new Music Video ‘Push Demon’ by Vortm is already online for streaming. Taken from “No Death” EP by Vortm. Released by Subkultur[SBKLTR06] 2018.

‘The limit has to be expanded, we can not see through the eyes of others. The flesh dies, but the soul lasts. There is no space and time outside our heads. But what came to our heart is and always will be.’

‘Push Demon’ composed, produced & mixed by Vortm.
Music Video directed & produced by Bin Cir.

Mastering by Südblock Studios
Digital Publishing by Dig Dis Germany
Worldwide Distribution by Music Mail Tonträger GmbH

Digital Release Date: 02.02.2018



Official Music Video Tringa

‘The Dawn’ by Tringa (Official Music Video) [SUBKULTUR]


Official Music Video of ‘The Dawn’ by Tringa  [SBKLTR04] 2017. Already out in all the major video platforms.

This visual work tries to go beyond a simple musical illustration. It takes root in the heart of an intimate relationship between writing and sound composition. In hind sight I find the memory to be a positive one. The rhythm of words takes place here at the rhythm of the body. Faced with the same abstract sound reality, two beings describe two different worlds. Is there as much reality as beings think about reality? We would be curious then to receive a new interpretation of this successive expression. You think the project into eternal existence at a time when we seek to surprise others and ourselves on our ways, to contemplate the world and share the feeling.” Bin Cir

Artist: Tringa
Release: “The Dawn” EP
Label: Subkultur
Mastering: Südblock Studios
Worldwide Distribution: Dig Dis
Cat: [SBKLTR04]
Year: 2017

Choreography & Dancer: Anna Luna Holmberg.
Concept, Recorder, Edited & Post-Production: Bin Cir.

Location: Greenhouse Berlin, Mussehlbrücke, & Berlin Tempelhof Airport.