• PRE ORDER /25.12.2017
  • FORMAT /Digital
  • MASTERING /Südblock Studios
  • BARCODE /4058765228111

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Born in Germany, the young producer MTRL was influenced by the experimental, hypnotic and industrial sound of the german scene and it’s artists. Many of them gave a valuable contribution to his deep and sometimes dark techno sound. Fascinated by the depths of space and inspired by the organic voices of nature, his sound reaches from atmospheric and experimental ambiences to deep and tribal grooves, influenced by the hypnotic vibes and frequencies of his environment. During his education in Munich, MTRL was influenced by the local scene and many of its artists gave him inspiration, contributing and developing his own style. During his experiments with noises, he gained an understanding of art in itself. His mixes of experimental and dark sounds have a great impact on the audience and sends them on a trip they never experienced before.