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TR_the thirteenth & tr_v/a #001 & Tape Release with NURSE, Ewige, Scarlit Port, SV3N, rsms, Bin Cir…

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TR returns with a first Tape Release, presenting the northern connections mah and Danny Macdonald together with the support of NURSE Records and our closest crew!

► EARS ◄

▻ A/M (NURSE) – live

▻ Ewige (Subkultur)

▻ mah (SKUNK) – live A/V

▻ Onewomanarmy (TR)

▻ rsms (TR) – live

▻ Scarlit Port (NURSE)

▻ SV3N (TR)


► EYES ◄

Bin Cir (Subkultur)


18.05.2018 | modular+ space
Greenhouse, 8th floor
Gottlieb-Dunkel-Straße 43/44

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(With an exclusive preview of mah on the upcoming tr_v/a #001 right below!! )