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Isabassi @ Room 4 Resistance x Mina at ://about blank (Berlin)

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Room 4 Resistance invites Lisbon’s queer collective mina who aims to bring together ravers and DJs in a techno underground clubbing scene for sexual and gender liberation.

R4R is a family night of queer friends & friendly strangers.


▶︎ BLEID LIVE (mina, naive / PT)

▶︎ Born In Flamez (infinite machine / INT)

▶︎ Ciarra Black (No Tech / US-DE)

▶︎ Doc Sleep (R4R, Jacktone Records / US-DE)

▶︎ ELLES (Rádio QuânticaNetil Radio / UK)

▶︎ Isabassi (Hölle, Subkultur / BR-DE)

▶︎ Luz – dj (R4R / BE-DE)

▶︎ marum (mina, Rabbit Hole / PT-DE)

▶︎ Violet (mina, naive/ PT)

▶︎ Yuko Asanuma (R4R / JP-DE)

We will be raising donations at the door for Lyra’s Gender Affirmation Surgery:

ROOM 4 RESISTANCE is a Berlin-based queer femme / non-binary forward collective focused on community-building and creating safer space & visibility for underrepresented artists in Dance Music.

R4R runs parties, hosts radio shows and curates panels + workshops to promote women, gender queers, non-binary, trans, black and POC artists, to explore the political dimensions of the dance floor, and to create bridges between different communities.


:// about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c
12245 Berlin -Friedrichshain
Next to Ostkreuz S-bahn station

The location is wheelchair accessible.

Deco by Yuki Kojima ♥