Music Distribution

Start distributing your music for free and keep up to 100% of your sales royalties.

Why You Need Music Distribution​

Subkultur is a Record Label, Publishing Company, Artist Agency & Multimedia Studio specialized in experimental electronic music.
We help and support independent creators to publish their work and get paid.

Upload your music globally to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and 30+ other platforms. Subkultur powers the careers of independent artists, helping them reach new fans through worldwide music streaming and exclusive brand partnerships.

What we are best:

Digital distribution

Over the years we have built up very good personal contacts to our partners and can therefore achieve a much better placement for your products than other distributors.

Innovative tools

Facilitate your label management with our free software konnekt! Our innovative tools are tailor-made for you and help you with your daily label work.

Monthly statements

Our two finance tools kontrol! and insights! give you a detailed insight into your sales and 100% control over your monthly statements.

No payment threshold

We pay out what you earn, there is no minimum threshold. Every Euro counts! And more music industry services soon.

Personal contact

We are here for you every day and are happy to answer all your questions. You can develop your marketing strategy with us or plan concrete measures for promotion. We also help you to find the best monetization for your back catalog.

Monetization on YouTube

As one of the few certified YouTube partners in Germany, we have the possibility to monetize your music through Content ID on YouTube – even if it was uploaded on other users’ channels. And more music industry services soon.

Protect your rights

Get additional revenue through Neighboring Rights. We take care of your rights with collecting societies worldwide, like GVL, PPL and many more.  And more music industry services soon. And more music industry services soon.

Quality assurance

All your tracks and releases are checked by us personally and with the help of advanced algorithms. This combination of state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge guarantees flawless delivery of your music to all download and streaming portals worldwide.

Additional Beatport revenue

If you control the publishing for all your tracks on your label, you will get up to 10% more revenue through us than with other distributors on Beatport.  And more music industry services soon. And more music industry services soon.


We help you to get features on Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. This will not only increase your sales but also strengthen the standing of your label. Additionally, we curate our own Spotify playlists, where we only include the tracks of our distribution labels.

Third party usage

Benefit from the usage of your music in videos, stories, DJ-mixes or any other user-generated content. We protect your copyrights and ensure they are being monetized on platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

100% free of charge

Unlike many other competitors, we do not charge a fee for our distribution service, we simply take a share of the label sales you generate through us. That’s why we promise you the best possible support to increase your sales – because we only earn money when YOU earn money.

Albums, covers and more

Need to distribute more than just a single? How about a cover song (legally!)? An EP or even an album? No problem, we’ve got this. We also ensure that you get paid when people play your music on YouTube.
We’ve got everything you need.

Are you a label or catalogue looking to distribute large amounts of tracks?

If you are a label or have a large catalogue of songs that you would like to distribute digitally, then we can create a custom package for you. If you are looking to reduce your costs and you have other needs, such as promotion and sync management, then we can combine these services into an unbeatable all-in-one price. We can create the perfect package for you that includes all your promotional and licensing needs

What we are best:

Release everywhere

Release to over 300 DSPs including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Keep your royalties

Don’t share your earnings, become a Pro and keep 100% of your sales royalties.

Free mastering

Use advanced AI mastering to improve the sound of your tracks before you release.

Instant set-up

Upload your song, provide a few details and release. We even provide a UPC code if you don’t have one.

Transfer your music

Transfer music already released through other distributors to save big and earn more from every listen.

Free IMB Anti-Piracy

Protect your music and your earnings on every stream/download with automatic takedowns of illegal copies.

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A True Partnership

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We help Electronic Music Artists Grow Beautifully

We delivers the tools you need to manage your music business. Release music to all major streaming platforms, buy and sell beats, promote your music, and manage your earnings.

Distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music and over 150 DSPs worldwide – for free

We deliver to all major digital storefronts and unlike other music distribution services – we won’t take a cut. That means you keep 100% of your sales royalties.

You are missing out on 50% of your royalties (even if you are using a Performing Rights Organisation)

Register your songs with our Music Publishing service and we’ll collect ALL the royalties you are owed, including those your PRO does not.

Free sync licensing representation to get your music TV, film, games and adverts

Join our long-established music licensing sync agency for free and we’ll pitch your music to music supervisors and media buyers including Netflix, Disney, 20th Century Fox, SKY TV and The BBC

Sky-rocket your releases through Spotify placements, airplay, press and social media marketing

Talk to us about a tailor-made sucess-driven marketing campaign with full reporting and access to a huge network of curators, radio stations and press contacts.

Sound awesome in an instant with online mastering

All members get access to our AI-driven mastering suite to enhance and perfect your tracks ensuring that they are release-ready.

Music Management, store and more

Store your music in an industry-standard ready to share format complete with metadata and discovery information to ensure your music is not only ready for record labels – but discoverable too.